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Here Are the 4 Winning Free Logo Makers In 2018

Are you a new entrepreneur facing challenges in logo development? Probably, one of these obstacles is a fixed budget. Your space renting, inventory, and web hosting take a significant portion of your budget. Also, naming your business consumed a bunch of your cash. With all these aspects, you remain with no money left, yet you do not have a logo for your company.

As you know, the logo is the physical or visual identifier of your enterprise. It is what the customer uses to distinguish your products from those of your competitors. If this challenge is happening to you, you need not worry. Today, an array of free logo makers is available that help fasten your logo making. Here are the top four such makers:


If simplicity is your passion, Logaster is a good option. This free logo maker offers you an opportunity to design a logo with only four steps. The first step involves keying in your business name. Upon this, the site presents you with an array of logo concepts. Here, you need to choose one that tallies with your products and services. Once you are through with the selection process, you can move on to tweaking your colors and texts to match your desired logo.

Also, you have a chance to input the icon of your choice. After this process, you can move on to save your logo. Again, you have a chance to download a low-resolution type of your logo for free. Probably, this type may not be a good option for your business. So, you will only need less than $10 to get a high-resolution logo that will boost your online branding. Hence, Logaster is a superb option for creating a great logo within a short duration.

Oberlo logo maker

It is clear that moving your business from scratch to high heights of success is not an easy task. You need to commit your time and money in building systems and platforms as well as on marketing campaigns. Apart from getting a superb business name and attractive website, logo making can be a hard tackle to you. Even though it should not be a stressful function, you need to think beyond before taking up a logo for your business.

Oberlo logo maker is a good option when it comes to logo generation. The maker allows you to create professional logos within a short duration without spending a dime. Thus, the logo maker saves you both time and money you would spend on consulting logo experts.


If you are not new to the virtual arena, you have heard about Canva. Canva is a leading online tool for creating branding materials for both social media and blog posts.  It is also a right tool for creating logos. As a logo maker, Canva allows you to develop and download logos for free without any difficulty. It has an array of templates that you can select from and tweak to come up with your preferred logo design.

Unlike other makers, Canva allows you to download a high-resolution logo for free. This way, you save on your logo making a budget and invest the amount on other profitable affairs.

Logo Makr

Logo Makr is the next free logo maker that offers you easy to use interface. As a newbie or if it is your first time to use a logo generator, you do not have to worry. This logo maker provides you with a video that takes you through the logo development process. However, it comes with limited customization abilities which makes it hard to create a top-ranking logo. Also, you can only download a low-resolution image. You have to pay some amount if you want the high-resolution version.