Different Types of Logo Designs

The Different Types of Logo Designs

When designing a logo, there are various logo types that you can consider. Graphic designers usually create logos in different ways and styles. Before designing a logo, the designer carefully looks at the design brief issued by the client and figures out the requirements which are needed to create the logo. Here are some logo types that you can use when designing a logo.

Illustrative logo designs

Illustrative logo designs are the ones that have a lot of illustration as the primary feature. This type of design makes the logo to be appealing, visible and it also expresses the business message well. This is because when you use an illustration, it will catch the attention of clients quickly. And this is why most people in business and companies prefer to use this type of logo design.

Corporate logo designs

Corporate logos are the ones that portray large institutions or financial institutions. Such companies already have established themselves in the market, and they don’t have a lot of competition. Corporate companies have designs that are classic. You can also use the corporate logo designs to attract more clients if you are starting a new company. Just ensure that your logo design has some difference from the ones on the corporate firms.

High tech logo designs

This types of logos are as a product of the new modern technology. The new technology makes sure that the designer can make use of abstract images and other elements when designing the logo. High technology logos usually have an abstract image which is their primary feature. The abstract image adds some excitement to the viewers.

Web 2.0 logo designs

These logos are as a result of some of the innovative techniques created by graphics designers. These logos are new in the market trend and are created using different colors and reflection so that they can create a logo that is spectacular. The graphics designer makes use of the different colors skilfully. If you want a logo design that is of the modern digital era, this is the right logo design for your business.


You can use any of the above logo design types and use it for your business. If you don’t know which kind of logo design to use you can talk to your graphic designer so that they can advise you according to the personality of your business.

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