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Four Best Attorney and Law Firm’s Logo Designs

A large number of legal firms in the united states of America have logos that are poorly constructed. The logos have fonts which are very common. This might lead people to associate the poor quality of the logo with the attorney or the legal firm tarnishing their name.  Currently, there is tough competition in the market, and it’s becoming hard to acquire a client. Hence you will need a good logo that will give the right impression. If you are in the law industry, you can check out the below logo designs of different companies to provide you with an idea of how to design yours.

Kiamath defender services

The kiamath defender services are among the best logo designs in all the law firms. The logo is elegant, professional and straightforward which makes it look impressive on their web page. The logo design has a dark color on the background which symbolizes expertise, Endurance and sophistication. The typeface used in designing the logo is straight and formal which shows that the firm is very experienced when it comes to legal matters.

Frankwell law firm

This is another law firm that is very professional. The logo design used in Frankwell law firm is professional leaving behind an impression that is remarkable. The designer made use of the negative space method and use of contemporary fonts which makes it unique from the rest of the law firms.

Hacker law firm

The hacker law firm is found in San Antonio in Texas. The law firm has a professional and clean logo design. The logo has a color scheme which inspires and is incorporated with a symbol of justice. Due to the blue and white color, the logo becomes sharp, simple and easy to remember.

The Dui lawyer

The dui lawyer is a firm which specializes in matters concerning labor certification. It is a law firm that is popular and has exemplary services not to mention a brilliant logo. The symbol of justice in the logo has been reshaped to look like a judge which makes the logo to appear more unique. The simple but unique logo works well with the goals of the firm.


If you are in the law business, then you should ensure that you have a logo design which is unique. The logo is the one that will advertise your firm and hopefully get you, new clients.

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