Logo Design for the Digital Era

Tips for Making a Logo Design for the Digital Era

Times have changed and so is the designing of logos. The methods of designing a business logo have changed in the modern era that we are living in. Before the digital era of creating a logo used to follow some standards. Then there were less technological changes that were occurring. The logo designs only appeared in a few channels such as the TV and print media. Today with the presence of the social media it has changed the traditional branding concept. When creating a logo ensure that it is compatible with all the channels that are available in this digital era.

Research on your client’s business

For you to create a logo that is unique and conforms to the digital era you first need to research the company of your client. You should take into consideration the brand message, business values, market competition and customer profile. If you don’t have the necessary details, then you research the business.

Creating a design that is flexible

You should design a logo which is flexible so that it can appear in all the digital platforms. You must consider the whole branding process when creating the logo. Consumers have access to all the digital channels, and they would want the information in the way they desire. So it’s necessary for you to create a logo design that’s flexible which can be used by different people in their way.

Design your logo design for mobile

Marketers understand why it’s important to have mobile apps in the modern business world. Marketers compare the mobile with the experiences of the customer. When creating a logo, it’s crucial that you take into consideration the user experience. This means that the logo design you create should be compatible with all mobile devices. Before launching your logo, you should test it and see how it look first in the app store.

Use colors which are strong and clear

In the digital era logos that have undertone colors are the ones that are much preferred. Select colors that appear bright and strong on different resolutions and channels. Ensure that the color you choose relates with your brand message. Also, remember that every color evokes some feeling in the viewers. So know what feeling that you want to invoke and then select the color.


A logo made for the digital era should be in a position to suit various resolutions, channels, and social media.

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